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This first set of images are a few years old. They were taken with a 1 megapixel digital camera when the megapixel first hit the market. These images are of a local Dallas cemetery called Baccus. It was a cloudy moonless night with no wind




These were also taken at the same cemetery but a few years later. I was trying out a disposable camera to see how well it captures anomalies and this is the result. The images are VERY grainy because the camera was loaded with 800 speed film. I did not realize till later that 800 speed film is a No NO when shooting pictures at night because they cause grainy images. These pics are a great example of what we call ectoplasm. On occasion ectoplasm will appear in a variety of colors.




These are even more of Baccus. These were taken recently while doing an investigation with the local news channel 5. They were running a news series called "Haunted Texas" and asked if I would investigate Baccus with the reporter so I agreed. These were taken with a 2 megapixel digital camera (note how much technology has changed from the 1 megapixel). There was over 40 anomalous photographs taken and I am posting 3 of them. I have a lot more photos but I do not like the idea of people taking my images and claiming them for their own. During the investigation the anomalous areas photographed registered over a 20 degree thermal varitiation from the air around it. Also I received higher EMF readings then previously recorded from the area. Was a good night for me and the news reporter.




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