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The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas

Dagulf's Ghost Paranormal Investigations has conducted two investigation of the old Baker hotel in Mineral Wells. This is a short summary of our findings along with a limited number of anomalous photographs taken during these two brief investigations.




These photographs were taken on our first investigation of the Baker. This investigation was for a independent film featuring the Baker and it's "Ghostly" inhabitants. The film crew was on this floor earlier in the evening and reported seeing a little girl running down the hallway after them, I am unsure if they filmed the ordeal. We received strong EMF readings in this room, along with 20-25 degree thermal fluctuations. There is no electricity past the 2nd floor in the Baker Hotel, these photos were taken on the 4th floor. When we photographed the area of the readings, we captured these two images.




On the second investigation we received much of the same data as before, EMF spikes in areas without electricity, thermal fluctuations, and we could hear faint screams echoing in the Hotel along with distant footsteps from time to time. The above two photographs were taken approximately 2 seconds apart from each other in the staircase that takes you to each level.





During the course of our investigations, some of the investigators reported being touched, and feeling "someone" brushing up against them. I personally experienced an "unseen" force on the 14th floor pulling at my pant leg as a child does when they are attempting to get your attention. This particular incident was captured on film as it occurred. The Baker Hotel is open for tours by appointment only. If you or your organization would like to tour the old Baker Hotel drop us an email at and we will get you in contact with the appropriate people.