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814 Water st

Waxahachie Texas



The following pictures were captured at the famous Catfish Plantation Haunted Restaurant. Over the years both patrons and employees have reported strange occurrences at this establishment. Reports have ranged from cold spots, objects moving, voices, phantom footsteps, and the time changing on the clocks. one of the investigators present reported feeling a hand brush across his back while alone in one of the rooms. All these images were captured using a Toshiba PDR-M4 2.14 Megapixel camera.

These two images were captured in the first dinning room where we received thermal variations of 20 degrees. We also 

Regestered anomalous spike on our EMF meters



These two images were captured in the front of the restaurant above the mock graveyard that was constructed.

Many more anomalous images were captured during this investigation but I am only making 4 public.



During the course of the investigation investigators reported hearing footsteps and tapping noises on the tables. One investigator reported the feeling of someone 
brushing up against him. Several investigators reported sounds of footsteps from attic area. Investigators also noticed the clock in photo PDRM0048.jpg was set
 to midnight when we first arrived on scene. Investigators also noticed at some point in the investigation the time changed to 5 o'clock. We did not touch the clock, 
and employees from the kitchen did not enter the investigation area. At one point in the evening as I was standing by this clock I heard a loud chime as if it was 
ringing the hour. Upon further investigation I came to the conclusion the clock in fact does not work, slightly moving the clock I tried to replicate the sound as I thought
 perchance it was made by vibrations of the investigators walking in the house. I was unable to produce any type of chiming sound from this antique. 
We did not enter the kitchen area so we have no report of any activity in that area.  Upon conclusion of the investigation all of the investigators left the restaurant
 with the exception of me and Ladel Pelzer as we were packing up our equipment. On our  way to the front door the clock chimed again. Over the years of this resturant being in buisness,
many people have reported ghostly phenomena from levitating objects, spectral scents of old perfume, phantom voices, cold spots, and the feeling of being touched.
If you are ever in Waxahachie Texas stop by for some great food and good spirits. The Catfish Plantation now has a website 
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