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Dagulf's Ghost Paranormal Investigations utilizes proprietary investigative equipment.  We constantly
test new technologies and their possible applications within this field of research. Below is a list of 
equipment we utilize in our standard investigations. In the future we will announce some of our more
"exotic" equipment as we make it known to the public.

EMF METERS - We use a variety of hand held electromagnetic field 
meters in our research. The anomalies associated with purported paranormal
phenomena produce electromagnetic fields, these meters are used to help 
pinpoint the location of the manifestations. The variety of different brands
we use serve as a redundancy to one and another to ensure what we are getting
is not a product malfunction.
EMF ARRAY METERS - We use a set of 12 stand-alone EMF meters 
in conjunction with our video surveillance equipment to film the 
manifestations as they occur along with the intensity level of the
EM fields they generate. Using this "grid pattern" we can
document the size and intensity as the manifestation moves through
the location of the vigil. By monitoring it's movement and the distance
of each meter from the video devices, we can calculate a rough estimate
of air speed and size.
NON CONTACT THERMAL SCANNERS - We use three types of hand held
thermal scanners to document thermal fluctuations within the ambient
atmosphere of a location during a manifestation. We have documented
Thermal variations in excess of 55 degrees with these devices.
TEMP PROBES - The temperature probes we use store both highest
and lowest thermal deviations in a location and is used as a back 
up the to readings of our non-contact thermal scanners.
HUMIDITY GAUGES - Some manifestations are vaporous in nature.  To 
determine if this vapor is natural or paranormal in nature we utilize 
humidity Gauges to ensure the vapor did not occur when the air temperature
dropped below the dew point or humidity level.
GEIGER COUNTERS - Because these anomalies produce electromagnetic fields,
these fields also produce Ionizing Gamma Rays. The Geiger Counter is used to 
measure the amount of Gamma Rays emanating from the electromagnetic fields 
these anomalies produce. The amount of Gamma Rays helps us determine the 
strength of the EMF's as well as serving a redundant device to the EMF meters.
ION COUNTERS - For reasons unknown to us, paranormal manifestations
tend to create a increase in negative IONS within a area of manifestation.
The Ion Counter is used to measure the amount of negative Ions created by
a manifestation. 
ELECTRO STATIC FIELD METER - The anomalies recorded in a "haunting"
are electrostatic in nature. The electrostatic field meter is used to record
the amount of static electricity within these anomalies.
STILL CAMERAS - We use both digital and still cameras in our investigations. 
The cameras are used to photograph potential activity in a location.
MOTION SENSITIVE STILL CAMERAS - For our prolonged "vigils"
we have an array of still camera that utilize a IR beam to determine when
motion is present within a location. When motion is present it will
fire the 35mm camera and it's flash. This allows us to document occurrences
for prolonged periods of time in which we may not be able to be present.
These cameras can be left for up to 2 months in a location.
NIGHT VISION - We use night vision equipment to obtain a real time
visual of the activity in a location. Often times we work in complete
darkness and night vision is essential for our own safety as well
as monitoring the possible activity around us.
DIGITAL AND ANALOG VOICE RECORDERS - These recorders are used in the
collection of possible EVP (electronic voice phenomena). Once the
potential EVP is captured on a recorder it is then ran through a
spectral analysis program to ensure the voice range is well out of
the human voice frequency.
MOTION EQUIPMENT - We implore motion detection devices to detect
both motion and seismic activity within a location. In many reports of
paranormal activity objects have been known to move around the location in
question. Motion sensors help notify of this occurrence.
We use a variety of infrared sensitive video recording equipment.
Most of the activity we document is not within the range of human sight.
IR equipment shows us things we cannot perceive with our naked eye.



WIRELESS VIDEO SURVEILLANCE - We use a wireless infrared video setup
to help log manifestations as they occur. The video feed is wired into
a standard VCR setup to create a visual log of the occurrences.



VIDEO SURVEILLANCE STATION - We use a proprietary 16-camera motion
sensitive IR video surveillance system for our vigils. These motion video
cameras are connected to a 16 port MUX that mechanically enhances the IR
functionality of the cameras allowing us to peer further into the IR
spectrum than we have before. Each camera is equipped with an external IR
light sources to help illuminate locations in total darkness and improve
the operating range on the cameras. Our cameras also are equipped with wide
angle lenses to broaden its field of view and maximize the viewing area.
Video is stored on a 120-gig DVR unit that allows up to 4 days of
continuous recording.
SONY VIDEO CAMCORDERS - We use a variety of Sony camcorders in our 
research. We utilize camcorders ranging from 8mm to DV video formats.