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Why are ghosts here?

There are many theories as to why "ghosts" remain here. Unfortunately, at this point in time we have no solid proof as to why they remain behind and choose not to "cross over". Some speculate the reason they are here is because they are not aware they are dead. For example, if they had a sudden unexpected death they may be confused as to what has happened to them and not actually know that they have passed. At the time of crossing, we are "reborn" into the next world and in this rebirth process, we become very confused and disoriented. Some may even stay behind due to guilt. Let us say you are deeply in love with your spouse and your life here has ended, the bonds you feel in this life do not disappear at the time of death. Others may feel bad or even guilty for leaving a loved one behind and choose to wait before crossing so they can cross with the ones they love.



Can you Prove the Existance Ghosts?

No. The data collected at investigative locations prove "somthing" is occuring that, according to the Laws of Physics, should not exist. Based on witness accounts of these locations and the type of data collected we can make an educated guess if it is a "ghost." To prove somthing scientifically that operates outside the realm of science as we currently understand it is rather difficult. As science evolves the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall togather.




Do you Charge for Investigations?

No. We are a research team, not a company. Paranormal investigations and Parapsychology is a field of research. Beware anyone who charges. Many of these companies are inexperianced with this type of phenomena and being a company their sole purpose is to make money. As with anything reserach who you are dealing with prior to making any type of commitment.





TriPAR has set up a very comprehensive classification system when dealing with hauntings.

I personally use the TriPAR system in my own investigations.

The hauntings are categorized as follows:

Class A - Classic Haunting - exhibits intelligence and what appears to be interaction, etc.

Class B - Residual Haunting - a "recording of time" that keeps playing itself over and over .

Class C - Poltergeist Activity - This is usually activity conducted by a human agent, usually that of a pubescent child.

This classification system is copyrighted by TriPAR so you MUST gain their permission before use.





If you believe your home to be active the first thing to do is try to find a logical explantation for the occurance. 90% of our residential investigations can be attributed to natural occurances. If you are unable to discover the source of the activity we suggest finding a team in your area. If you are within our investigative areas we will be more than happy to assist you. If you are outside of our area we can reffer you to a credible team that is local.