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Dagulf’s Ghost is a privately funded international team of Parapsychologists and Paranormal Investigators investigating North and East Texas as well as the Winchester UK area.  We are always interested in hearing your ghost stories and purported haunted locations.  If you have any stories you would like to share, or if you yourself live or work in a haunted location, we encourage you to send us an e-mail.  We also research purported haunted artifacts in our lab and are interested in any stories you might have pertaining to this type of phenomena.

 The Dagulf’s Ghost investigative team is not a group of psychics, but rather a group of scientifically based investigators who document paranormal phenomena.  We are not a business and do not charge for our investigative services.  Our mission statement best sums up what we do:

 “To investigate and document purported paranormal activity and provide a support base for individuals who may be living with paranormal phenomena.”





The Parapsychology of Ghosts

Ghosts appear in many forms.  The most common of these forms is what we refer to Electromagnetic Luminaries or EML’s.  EML’s, if you were to break it down to a very basic level, are balls of electrostatic energy with what seems to be a conscience.  They seem to be able to reason and have some sort of intelligence.  From EML’s, a ‘ghost’ will manifest into what is referred to as a free formed vapor.  This vapor appears like a mist.  Most of the time it will not have a definite shape.  From this vaporous mass, a ‘ghost’ will then manifest into a full human form which is extremely rare to see and even more rare to catch on film.

 Many people who see a full form floating apparition or ‘ghost’, notice that they seem to be dressed in clothing from the period in which they once existed.  As we know, clothes do not have souls nor do those leisure suits from the 70’s have an afterlife, however, there are a few reasons we have to take into account why these ‘ghosts’ appear the way they do.  First, many of the ‘ghosts’ are not aware they are no longer alive.  Going by what we know, ‘ghosts’ are nothing more than EML’s that go through a manifestation period of balls of energy to a vaporous mist to full form.  During the period of the vapor manifestation is when the energy begins to take shape.  This shape, being whatever form it chooses to take and not knowing that it is no longer alive, usually takes the same shape it had in life.  In life, when we perceive ourselves, we see ourselves clothed, as do these apparitions.  This is the reason they will form with clothing they are familiar in.  Children will often be seen with their toys once they manifest to full form.  Some spirits know they are deceased due to a violent demise and choose to stay behind in the world of the living.  This is why those who did indeed have a violent demise can be seen with wounds that pertain to way they were killed.

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 I have currently joined S.P.O.O.K.S. and am very pleased to be a part of that organization.  It is difficult to find a professional organization of ghost hunters who still have a passion for each and every investigation.  Congrats to Ladell and Gilma for such a fine organization!

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