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We were contacted by Jonna Fitzgerald of NBC News in Tyler to research the purported activity of "Chester" in the SFA Theatre. Below is a short summary of our findings. We would like to thank NBC and the students of SFA for their help and cooperation during this endeavor. 



These two photographs were taken approximately 2 seconds apart when we received a spike on the Tri-Field EMF meter from the balcony area facing the stage. In the lower left corner of the photographs you can see the monitor of our EVP Technician.



The following two photographs were approximately 2 seconds apart as well. The camera man from the news team reporting seeing some "strange objects" while viewing the lower area with our IR cameras. These photographs were taking as soon as he made the report.

There are many stories as to whom may be "haunting" the SFA Theatre. Some believe it is the architect who, upon returning from vacation, saw the building was backwards and threw himself from the roof. Others say the apparition(s) are from an old Spanish monastery that was burnt down on the spot the theatre now resides. Many people have reported strange noises in the theatre. There has also been reports of an extra "ghost" showing up on stage during productions of Mac Beth. A local police officer was dispatched to investigate who was ringing the bell in the bell tower one evening. When he climbed the stairs and reached for the bell tower door he reports a "white vapor" shot past him and the doorway. Below is our report on "Chester."



We recorded more than one anomaly in the theatre area at the same time. This coincides with the previous Dean's photograph of two appartitions floating above the stage. There is more than one anomaly in the theatre. The Bell Tower showed no signs of activity, a Nacogdoches Police Officer reported watching a white "Misty Vapor" float out of the bell tower after the bell was ringing with no logical explanation. Research into the building shows there was neither suicides nor any architects dieing during its construction. Local "Urban Legend" states the architect committed suicide when he returned from vacation to find the theatre was built backwards. We uncovered one confirmed death, and this was the building foreman who, after working long hours passed of a heart attack inside of the structure. The activity could be the result of the land the building was constructed on due to close proximity of confirmed Caddo Indian burial mounds. Many battles were also fought in the area over the years and history of Nacogdoches that could attribute to the "haunting" as well. A follow up investigation is needed to even attempt at anything conclusive.