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Two orbs in staircase

This footage is from a staircase that was under surveillance. We observed an erratic electromagnetic
field at various points within the stair case area. Two anomalies were observed
coming down from the stairs... You may have to brighten your monitor to view it.


Cluster of orbs

This clip is from a stage where we received erratic energy readings. I was observing an anomaly through
the lense of the camera when out of no where a dozen or so more appeared. Again
you may have to brighten your monitor.


Flashing Orbs

This anomalous video was shot down a hallway where thermal deviations were recorded. This was the first time we encountered the "flashing" orbs. Since this investigation we have captured this type of manifestation on numerous occasions, and have obtained hours of rare video footage pertaining to this phenomena. As well, you may have to brighten your monitor, and we recommend viewing in full screen mode.